Over the past few years, the focus in the fitness industry has been all about aesthetics. Trying to look a certain way can lead to unhealthy relationships with your body and your nutrition.

I believe that being ‘fit’ is about more than just going to the gym and lifting weights. I’ve been there before and what I gained in overall size and shape, I lacked in balance and overall health.
Being healthy is about having a balance in body and mind and should fit around our busy lives and be enjoyable. When we find this balance, the body we get comes as a bonus.



You come first – I provide you with a plan that is maintainable and sustainable. A program tailored to your work/life balance, taking in to account how you like to exercise, eat and what your goal is.

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Good nutrition – Food is more than just fuel. Good nutrition is key to helping us look better, feel better, perform better and overall just be better.

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Let me help you push your limits.

Our programming is easy to follow but exactly what you need to
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