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Fitness & Training is my Life

From a young age, I have always been very active. I have participated in various sports including swimming, Shotokan karate, Thai boxing, tennis and track and field events. This passion for sport has led to my career in personal training and helping people achieve their fitness and physique goals.

Through the last few years, I have realised people are finding less and less time to stay active and take care of their health. Everything has become “simple” and “instant” – food, leisure, travel etc. – and this has caused multiple problems to people’s health.



Being healthy is about having a balance in body and mind and should fit around our busy lives and be enjoyable. When we find this balance, the body we get comes as a bonus.

I set up Best Fit PT to help get people moving again. Whilst working in London, with many of my clients being business men and women, I had to find a way to get great results with minimal time spent training. Through trying new methods in my own training and reading and researching articles and books, I have helped clients spend less time in the gym and achieve great results.

Now that I am living in Espoo, Finland, I am still specialising in training people with busy schedules and limited time to train but, I have now expanded in to online coaching as well. This has allowed me to coach many more people from all over the globe and help them achieve amazing results.

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